Curie allows shoppers to experience products using AR and a smartphone. Deliver a new and innovative shopping experience, surprising and delighting customers.

Your store.
Their home.

Digital Presence

The camera is the window to the store.

Make your digital store feel tangible. Inspire customers with the ability to preview & compare products in 3D at home. With our platform, shoppers can see how products look up close & are sized in-real-life.

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Share new perspective.

Curie delivers memorable, branded experiences that can be shared anywhere. Attract new customers and keep loyal ones through the apps they engage with the most. Enable consumers to share and buy products through embedded content in social media, chat, and websites.

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Eye-commerce streamlined

Curie adds multiple camera-based touchpoints to the customer journey in the remote economy. Convert shoppers with clear call-to-action every step of the way.

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