Curie uses spatial positioning, AI, and user-directed learning to increase your sales

See what your customers are interested in, when they're interested in it, and drive more eyes to your product through this revolutionary technology.
Use the devices that shoppers are actively engaged with to guide shoppers and advertise products.

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Computer Vision as a Service


Easily add state-of-the-art computer vision to your app using the Curie SDK. Turn the world into an entry point with our ready-to-use typeless input.


Advertise to shoppers at the exact moment they're considering a purchase - standing in a store looking at products.


Convert browsers into buyers at the moment of decision with targeted advertising based on location, historical information, and demographic data.

Blend product savvy and Fintech-grade computer vision to instantly educate and consense information for buyers.

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Curie is an AI-driven application that helps one make a purchase decision instantly... Curie seems like a hidden gem.